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Custom software development that empowers business with a leading edge in a mobile and cloud-first world
Product Design
Beautiful, functional products — Our design team designs beautiful software products that are intuitive, functional, and a joy to use.
Frontend Web Development
Interfaces that delight – Frontend development sits at the intersection of 3 pillars: clean code, beautiful design and intuitive usability. We guarantee all three.
Backend Web Development
Powering your applications – Rock-solid, reliable backend development ensures your business logic works as it should.
Mobile Development
Next-level apps — We build innovative iOS and Android applications for a variety of industries and use-cases.
Secure Delivery
Where Secure Delivery Meets Efficiency — Effective security protocols should strike a balance between protecting data and information while creating a seamless process for users that imposes as little friction as possible.
Risk Management
Stopping Roadblocks Before They Happen — Identifying potential risks at the start of and during any software project is critical in the success of that project. Risks can come from all over the place — from budget and cost, schedule, technology, and people to name a few.
Post Go-Live Support
Go live Support, HELP Desk and Master Services Agreement tailored to your ongoing needs — we offer, remote support and on-site support service delivery, data integrity checks, log file audits, and system performance checks, to reduce the possibility of infrastructure issues impacting the performance of your application software.
“Custom software development that empowers business with a leading edge in a mobile and cloud-first world”

Why Our Clients

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Our engineers are subject matter experts with Native iOS/Android, web frontend technologies like JavaScript Frameworks + Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and server-side development with tools like serverless and Node.
We seamlessly adapt to changing project requirements and moving targets.
Our highly transparent process has provided peace of mind to high-profile regional brands, start-ups, and many more.
We create business impact via a proven approach to identifying and delivering on digital opportunities, using best-in-class techniques such as design thinking, and rapid prototyping. Our process includes aspects of Stanford University’s methodology.
Our focus is the agile development of web, cloud, and mobile applications – and helping organizations create and sustain digital innovation.

We reduce development risk for our clients by using sprint methodology, human-centered design, and standards-based code to get digital platforms to market quickly.

Our skills are constantly evolving based on the needs of our clients — from open-source to licensed enterprise tools, we stay sharp. This makes ASSL a one-stop-shop for digital product development.