As Health Is Becoming More Digitized,
Is Your Organization Keeping Up?

Digital Health Solutions

that we offer

Implementing innovative digital health strategies to fundamentally change the consumer experience . We are working with our clients under the following key focus.
Healthcare IT Adoption
Designing the digital infrastructure to be able to capture health data and make good use of it for better actions and outcomes.
Health Information Exchange( HIE)

Exchanging health information between clinicians, across administrative groups and with patients.

Insight Driven Healthcare

Using advanced analysis of data to better inform clinical decision making, population health management and new care delivery models.

Value Based Payment (VBP)
Is a concept by which purchasers of health care (government, employers, and consumers) and payers (public and private) hold the health care delivery system at large (physicians and other providers, hospitals, etc.) accountable for both quality and cost of care.
Dispensing, Retail Software

A Pharmacy software that covers all daily routines in a pharmacy promoting customer safety and satisfaction. The solution is integrated with DRUGINDEX.IT® the most authoritative refence source for medicine sold in the Kenyan market.

“The concerns about health amplified during the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis will not ebb after it is over. Rather, health will dominate.”

The concerns about health amplified during the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis will not ebb after it is over. Rather, health will dominate. A healthy economy will emerge with opportunities for all to plug into. Every business will need to understand how it can be part of a new healthy ecosystem that will dominate citizen thinking.

New networks and alliances, acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations will likely be major drivers of the value-based shift. A first-mover advantage is certainly possible—but only if you have the right strategy to create new business relationships across the care continuum, new integrated economic relationships, and new business and technology capabilities.

It may be difficult for health-care organizations to win if they approach these changes without a well thought out strategy that creates sustainable competitive differentiation.

Our partners and ewe are offering next-generation healthcare IT solutions; that are cloud-based products designed to help the entire healthcare ecosystem.

The solutions seamlessly integrates Labs, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Radiology, Medical Devices (IoT), Insurance Companies, and Accounting resulting in increased revenues and operational efficiency.

The solutions can be deployed across the spectrum of organizations – starting from single physician clinics to a network of healthcare providers.