Information Security Audit Services


Information security audit or IS Audit is a systematic and technical assessment of organization’s security status. We work with healthcare organizations to ensure their overly sensitive patient data is secured. We also work with organizations in the financial sector to safeguard the security of their valuable customer and financial data.

Goal of IS Audit

The goal of IS Audit is to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing procedures and security policies to determine if they meet expectations and requirements of your organization.



IS Audit Scope

· Network Security Audit

· Applications Security Audit

· Data Centre Security Audit

· Access Control Audit

· Incident and Business Continuity Audit

· Security Policies and procedures Audit

· Physical Security Audit

· Information systems acquisition, development and

  maintainence Audit

· Compliance Audit

· HIPAA Compliance

Our IS Audit Methodology and Standards
Our IS Audit service is mythological and based on international Audit standards.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing is a proactive cyber security strategy that involves testing computer systems, network infrastructure, applications and users to identify security vulnerabilities could exploited by cyber criminals and providing relevant remediation counter measures. We providing network vulnerability mapping, exploitation attempts, social engineering, and real-time cyber threat analysis for Healthcare and Financial Organizations in East Africa.

Goals of Penetration Testing
• To determine whether and how a hacker or malicious user can gain unauthorized access to the organizational network or system resource that compromise the fundamental security of the system and data.
• To evaluate the status of the existing cyber security controls, procedures and policies to determine if they meet the expected standards in fighting cyber attacks

Our Costing Framework

We offer affordable and cost effective IS Audit, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services to corporate clients both in Healthcare and Financial Services. The actual cost of the service will depend on the scope of the service. Kindly drop us an message on the contact us page and watch how we swing into action. 

Penetration Testing Scope

that we offer

Our Penetration Testing Services covers the following areas:
Network Testing
Network Infrastructure, Mail Servers, Firewalls, Active Directories, Data Centers
Applications Testing
Core Corporate Systems
Web Applications Testing
Front End and Back End (Database) Application Testing
Mobile Application Testing
Testing of Android and iOS mobile applications
End Users Testing
Social Engineering Attacks Testing
Post Implementation Audits
Analyze the status of SAP implemented functionality to potentially avoid significant and costly risks.