Avoiding a capacity crisis using workforce data.

Operations Automation Solutions

that we offer

Implementing innovative Operational Optimization strategies to fundamentally change the client experience . We are working with our clients under the following key focus.
Automated Claims Processing

Our automated claims book enables faster settlement of insurance claims, improved accountability and fewer rejections. It is well equipped with the features to address every part of the claims and evidence submission to your insurance company. The Platform supports both
local and international patient treatment with dedicated workflows, therefore enabling faster claim processing by insurance companies and brokers.

Hospital Information System (HIS)

We offer you the operational visibility that can make the difference between running a hospital and running a hospital profitably. Our partner’s Attune solution, offers you a solution that can integrate all your departments – from pharmacies, diagnostic labs,
imaging units to branches and collection centers spread across different geographic locations giving you a unified look at your business.

Practice Management System
The cloud-based platform has been designed by practicing doctors who understand the challenges of medical practitioners. The templates, reports and dashboards are intuitive and have been created to help you run your practice seamlessly while helping you maintain compliance with international standards. Our partner’s Attune Practice Management System offers top-notch security and privacy so you may access your information and records anytime, from anywhere.
Lab Information System

is designed exclusively for lab owners and pathologists like you to help manage the daily operations of the lab efficiently and grow the business. Given the extremely competitive environment, we understand that pathologists and lab owners are losing sleep over multiple challenges haunting them every day. Primary areas of concern include faster processing of sample, dealing with the unpredictability of number of samples to be processed daily for planning resource and reagents and most of all the need to grow and scale the business to multiple centers and cities, fast.

“Total workforce visibility empowers you to maximize staff productivity and potential.”

An imminent capacity crisis in healthcare during and post the Covid-19 pandemic requires urgent attention from human resource executives in partnership with their IT teams.

To keep care sustainable, a paradigm shift is needed. The revolution will be fueled by workforce data.

We offer technology and support to help transform your workforce into a competitive advantage. How? Automation eliminates workforce management complexities.

Total workforce visibility empowers you to maximize staff productivity and potential. And your ability to react quickly and accurately to changing conditions will give you a competitive advantage.

Home based healthcare has become a norm, we have invested in an advanced Home-Based care platform that allows continued care of patients while they are at home.

There are a lot of people looking out there for the services of a Home-Based caregiver to take care of their someone special. Our platform encompasses a wide range of healthcare services that can be easily administered at your home.

It could also used be for post-surgical care, wound care, elderly care, vaccination or any other medical assistance. One of the advantages of home-based services is that they are cheaper than hospitals and nursing homes.